Academic Courses

In the Campus de la Transition, we offer modular and part-time academic programmes.

Short training courses

  • From 2 to 5 days: awareness and/or thematic approach
  • For students and groups of professionals from a company
  • By the end of our short courses, our students will:
  • acquire a clear vision of the challenges of the transition
  • experience a rigorous approach to new ecological, economic and social indicators
  • seek to discern the intersecting impacts between ecology, social inequalities and lifestyles

University certificates

  • From 2 weeks to 2 months: immersion, basic notions and tools
  • For French and foreign students
  • An immersion program, with validation of academic credits
  • By the end of our short courses, our students will be:
  • Able to appropriate the tools of ecological and social transition
  • Learn about transdisciplinary approach to complexity
  • Be introduced to permaculture as an example of a paradigm shift
  • Learn about  management and  local administration (i.e. in French“communs”)

Masters (starting in 2020-2021)

Our Master programmes will be finalised soon. Tentatively, we are hoping to offer the following programmes starting in September 2020:

  • Masters in Transition Studies
  • Master in Ecology, Ethics and Spirituality (semi-residential)
  • Oikonomia: Companies and Organisations in transition
  • This is a part-time  programme for executives (i.e. business professionals) 

Aside from all these academic offers, we are open to discuss other training courses for students interested in ecological transition. If this is the case, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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