The project

The Campus of the transition is a place of teaching, research and experimentation created in 2018 by a collective of teacher-researchers, entrepreneurs and students to promote an ecological, economic and humanistic transition at the scale of Challenges that are turning our century upside down. Its specificity is to innovate in the contents of its teachings as well as in the way of teaching them.


The Campus of the Transition offers a holistic teaching that allows us to revisit our representations of the world and our ways of interacting with and in our environment.  

The domain of forges, a laboratory for experimenting with a new paradigm

What is the Transition Campus?

An academic laboratory that proposes new curricula of multidisciplinary courses articulated to environmental issues. It is also intended to be a research laboratory, including new pedagogical practices to teach complex thoughts and processes of systemic change.

An eco-place in transition, the domain of forges, where the Campus has become rooted and which will allow learners, immersed in this place under construction, to experience the beginnings of a new paradigm.

An offer to accompany companies or institutions towards the integration of regenerative and visionary strategies by mobilizing the skills acquired by its students, its networks of teachers and experts during stays adapted to their Specificities.

Two convictions that inspire us

No systemic transformation can occur without profound personal appropriation of the actors on the one hand, and on the other hand, the resolution of complex problems exceeds the individual initiative and requires an intellectual and Ethically structured in new ways in terms of representations of the World (epistemology) and associated metrics (indicators).

A simple and coherent way of life allows pacified relations to oneself and others, a good life (the Buen Vivir), full of meaning, in a respectful and more adjusted relationship to the living, to the riches of the planet, to human fragilities and to generations to Come.

Buen Vivir at the Transition Campus
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