About Us

The Campus de la Transition is a place of academic teaching, research and experimentation. It was created in 2018 by a group of academic teachers/researchers, entrepreneurs and students to promote an ecological, economic and humanist transition on the scale of challenges that are changing our century. In this regard, the Campus has been specifically created to be a place where syllabi (i.e. course contents) and pedagogies (i.e. forms of teaching) can be simultaneously innovated.

The Campus de la Transition offers a holistic method of teaching that allows students to reconsider their understanding of the world and their interactions with the environment. 

The grounds of Forges: an ecological laboratory to implement a new paradigm

What is the Campus de la Transition?

It is an academic laboratory that offers new interdisciplinary teaching programmes focused on ecological issues. The Campus also aims to be a research laboratory with an emphasis on the development of new pedagogical practices for the teaching of complex ideas and of processes of systemic change.

As a place of ecological transition, the Campus is located in the grounds of Forges. Located and rooted in Forges, the Campus idyllic location allows the students to immerse themselves into a place undergoing organic development and to experience the beginnings of a new paradigm.

As well as academic formation, the Campus also offers formative programmes for companies and/or institutions that seek to promote the integration towards more regenerative and visionary strategies. This is achieved by tailor-made short-residential programmes that engage the students into the acquisition of relevant skills, as well as connecting them into our network of teachers and experts.

The Ethical-intellectual Approach and “El Buen Vivir”: The Two Convictions that Drive Us

A systemic transformation can only take place when the agents of change are deeply identified with their ideals. On the one hand, the resolution of complex problems goes beyond individual initiatives. From this regard, a systemic transformation requires an intellectual and ethical approach that enables new structured ways to understand the world (epistemologically) and to measure its change(through metric indicators).

Along with the intellectual and ethical approach, a simple and coherent way of life is how we enable peaceful relationships with oneself and others. In this regard, the Campus aims at promoting el Buen Vivir (i.e. the good life). In other words, we aim to promote a life full of meaning and a lifestyle that is respectful and adapted to other living beings, to the richness of our planet, to weaknesses of other human beings and to needs of the future generations.

For more information, and a complete and detailed presentation of the Campus de la Transition project, click here.


A shared meal at the Campus: a lived experience of  “El Buen Vivir” 
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