Who are we?

Transition Campus is a French non-profit association created on December 21, 2017 and registered in January 2018.

Board of the association:

070 (1)Cécile Renouard, President

Cécile is professor of philosophy at the Centre Sèvres (Jesuit School of Paris) and teaches at the Paris School of Mines, ESSEC and Sciences Po. She is in charge of the research program « CODEV – Enterprise and Development » at Essec  where she studies ethical and political responsibilities of firms. As part of partnerships with companies (Total, Danone, Veolia, Meeschaert, etc.), NGO (CCFD) and public development agency (AFD), she has worked since 2006 on the measure of companies’ contribution to social and ecological impacts, in different countries (Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Mexico, France).

She is part of the Catholic congregation of Religious of the Assumption.

Gilles LhuillierGilles Lhuilier, Scientific Advisor

Gilles is Professor of Law at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS Rennes). He is Scientific director of the FMSH (Foundation of Social Sciences, in Paris) program names « Global Legal Studies Network » on the Globalization of Law which aims to connect researchers, teachers, experts, practitioners – French and foreigners – who devote their work to the globalization of law. He is also President of the International Society for Extractive Law and Practices.

Former Lawyer at the Paris Bar, Co-Founder and Vice-President of HRC, Human-Right-Certification, currently consultant and expert for the European Union, especially in Africa and Asia. He leads expertise and mediation missions in the context of inter-State disputes relating to international agreements signed by the European Union or relating to the management and the follow-up of an international investigation commission in the event of disputes between States such as the dispute in Chad in 2009.

He splits his time between the writing of law books (Transnational Law, Company law, Labor law …), and philosophy (The return of the camps: Sangatte, Lampedusa, Guantanamo, The law, a novel …) and international relationships.

Frédéric Baule, Vice President

Frédéric BauleAs specialist in oil markets, Frédéric  took an active part in the process initiated at the London Oil Summit (2008) and taken over by the G20, aiming at addressing the question of the impact of financial markets on petrol prices. He contributed to the Oil Price Volatility Report (2010) for Christine Lagarde, Minister of Finance. He participated to the work led by IOSCO, IEF, IEA and OPEC resulting in the publication by IOSCO, in 2012, of Principles for Oil Price Reporting Agencies. He then joined the ESMA’s Consultative Working Group on Commodity Derivatives from 2012 to 2016 on the proposal of the AMF.

He graduated of ESCP and is co-author of 20 proposals to reform capitalism (Flammarion – 2012 – G.Giraud and C.Renouard,) and The firm facing the climate challenge (L’Atelier – 2015 – F.Baule, X.Becquey, C.Renouard). He is now particularly interested in ethical issues related to energy-climate issues.

Benoit QuittreBenoît Quittre, secretary

A graduate of HEC in Liège, Benoît has held numerous management positions in the healthcare sector.

In order to acquire new skills and contribute to the emergence of new economic models reducing the environmental impact and the use of natural resources, he resumed studies at the Catholic University of Louvain and obtained in 2017 the Master’s degree in Science and Environmental Management. His end-of-study work focused on low-carbon strategies by companies.

Today he is a member of the Board of Directors of ISSOL, a pioneer company in integrating smart glass, capturing solar energy and designed for positive energy buildings.

Max de ChanteracMax de Chantérac, treasurer

A graduate of HEC in 1991, Max joined the L’Oréal group in 1994. After having held the responsibilities of CFO of various subsidiaries of the group, particularly in Central Europe, Max was in charge, from 2012 to 2017, of HR governance at General Management, before becoming HR Data Privacy Officer.

Co-author of 20 proposals to reform capitalism, member of the Jury of the Master Ethirès of Paris I Sorbonne (2012-2014), Max is Vice President of Enterprise and Progress since 2014.