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Our mission

To promote an ecological, economic, cultural and social transition matching the scale of challenges and upheavals of the 21st century, our goal is to return the economy to the service of humanity and nature.

“Formation for Transformation”

To achieve this mission, the Campus de la Transition is a training center for social and ecological transition, a research laboratory, and an ecoplace that experiments a sustainable lifestyle.

Our 3 dimensions

visuel pilier formation

Immersions, testimonies, exchanges

• On-site and online trainings
• For students, professionals and teachers
• “Head-Heart-Hands” pedagogy and 6 gates methodology
• Transdisciplinary speakers

visuel pilier recherche

Action-oriented and transdisciplinary, ethical questionings

• Serving the eco-place’s activities (mobility, low-impact...)
• Closely linked with the training on offer
• Great Transition Handbooks
• A practical link between research laboratories and the lived experimental transition

visuel pilier expérimentation

An ecoplace of welcome and with a receptive learning community

• The transition experimented over time, long or short, by employees and volunteers
• Ecological management of the castle and the grounds
• Reconnection to oneself, others and nature

The Great Transition Handbook

The Great Transition Handbook

Resulting from the work of research-teachers from various disciplines, the book not only addresses the environment and the economy but brings together other fields
involving contemporary issues and reflects back to us our representations of the world we live in.

Convinced that transition issues imply a systemic vision and comprehensive knowledge together with soft skills and know-how, the book adopts a 6-gates approach corresponding to 6 complementary perspectives.

Inspired by this work, from now on, the Campus de la Transition is using this approach in all its activities.

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