Campus’ Faculty

The Academic Council brings together teacher-researchers (from different disciplines and European universities) and practitioners (from the world of business, associations and local authorities) involved in the academic and professional training of the Transition Campus.

The Campus’ Faculty

Economics and Finances

  • Gaël Giraud, PhD, Chief economist AFD , CNRS
  • Alain Grandjean, PhD, CEO Carbone 4

Enviromental Humanities 

  • Christophe Bonneuil, PhD, CNRS, EHESS

Meteological and Enviromental Sciences

  • Marie-Antoinette Mélières : PhD, CNRS

Accounting and Management

  • Patricia Langhor, PhD, ESSEC Business School
  • Jacques Richard, PhD, Professeur Paris Dauphine

Development Economics

  • Xavier Ricard Lanata, PhD, anthropologue, AFD
  • Isabelle Guérin, PhD, Professeur, Univ. Paris VII et IRD


  • Raffi Duymedjian, PhD, Professeur Grenoble Ecole de Management
  • Dominique Steiler, PhD, Professeur Grenoble Ecole de Management

Law and Political Science

  • Loic Blondiaux, PhD, Professeur à Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne
  • Gilles Lhuilier, PhD, Professeur Ecole Normale Supérieure, FMSH

Philosophy and Ethics

  • Dominique Bourg, PhD, Professeur à l’université de Lausanne (Suisse)
  • Cécile Renouard, PhD, Professeur Centre Sèvres, ESSEC, Ecole des mines
  • Jean-Philippe Pierron, PhD, Professeur Univ. Lyon 3

Transition Pedagogy

  • Jonathan Dawson: Head of economics Schumacher College (UK)


  • Patrick Caron, PhD, Professeur Univ. Montpellier, CIRAD
  • Dominique Meda : PhD, Professeur Univ. Paris Dauphine

Junior academics

  • Swann Bommier, PhD, sciences politiques, chercheur associé Science Po et ESSEC
  • Emeline Baudet, Doctorante, littérature, Normale Sup & AFD
  • Pierre-Jean Cottalorda, PhD, économie, chercheur associé ESSEC et Campus de la Transition
  • Cécile Ezvan, PhD, gestion et philosophie, chercheur associé ESSEC et Science Po
  • Hélène L’huillier, PhD, économie, chercheur associé ESSEC, consultante
  • Antoine Rieu, doctorant, socio-économie, ESSEC et Université Paris Diderot

As well as our Campus’ faculty,  we also offer taks and academic inputs from policy makers and  key players in the promotion of the  social and ecological transition in the economic, social and public spheres.

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