The workshops

In parallel with its training activity, the Transition Campus has structured its research into four workshops that work hand in hand: The Bater workshop for buildings and energy, the bio-regional economy Workshop for the insertion of the project in The territory, the Finance workshop, and the governance workshop.

The experimentation promoted by the Campus requires the implementation of several projects, which are opportunities to develop and document knowledge related to the renovation of buildings, the management of energy, the economy at the regional level, etc… These experiments are sources of practical learning that fuel additional theoretical reflections and are also indispensable for the structuring of the overall project, in particular the Campus’s ability to offer trainings.

The Bater workshop (for Building and Energy) focuses on the renovation of the Domaine de Forges, involving the restoration of ancient monuments and paying special attention to energy management. The objective is to put the building in line with the Campus’s values and to achieve carbon neutrality in the long term.

The Bio-Regional economy Workshop focuses on anchoring the Campus for Transition in its territory, and seeks to identify main priorities with local actors. The idea is to create partnerships to expand the project and put a whole territory in transition.

The finance workshop is dedicated to creating an ethically and financially sustainable model for the Campus

The governance workshop raises the question of the organization model for the Campus For Transition, thinking about its impact on work conditions and the quality of life of its members.

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