November 10th meeting: The Energy transition

The energy transition, 

The possible scenarios and their implementation in Seine-et-Marne

These first meetings of Forges aim to put into debate scenarios and practices of transition at regional level. A first round table will address the theoretical dimensions of the issues, and the various transition scenarios currently envisaged. A second table will address the concrete policies and experiences of an energy transition, in order to better discern technical and social prerequisites. Among these, we will discuss the special case of the Forges domain, on which the Campus is located, and which is itself a transition testing-ground.  


Cécile Renouard, founder of the Transition Campus
Roman Senoble, mayor of Forges, 1st Vice-President of the community of communes of
the Country of Montereau

First Round Table: The big scenarios for the future

  • Energy and biosphere, preserving the great balances of the living
    With Xavier Ricardanthropologist, economist and member of the Campus
  • Tomorrow’s energies with Christophe GoupilLaboratoire interdisciplinaire des énergies de demain, Université Paris VII Diderot
  1. Energy, agriculture and food with Matthieu CalameAgronomist, director of the Fondation pour le Progrès de l’Homme
  2. The carbon neutrality scenario in 2050, which carries economic benefits and jobs in France
    With Yves Marignac, Association Negawatt
  3. A proposal for energy policy of the transition, with Juliette Decq,Carbone4
  4. What scenarios and initiatives in Europe? With Louis Daumasmember of the TREVE project

Second Round table: implementation of the energy transition of buildings and initiatives in Seine-et-Marne

  1. The energy refurbishment of buildings, between ingenuity and inventiveness
    With André Pouget, expert in energetic renovation of buildings, founder of Pouget Consultants.
  2. Initiatives and Perspectives in Seine et Marne, with Yves JégoDelegate of the community of communes of Montereau, former MP of Seine-et-Marne.
  3. Act close to the inhabitants with Elisabeth Dubujet, in charge of Habitat and Energy Transition, community of communes of Montereau.
  4. The energy renovation of the domain of Forges, a challenge taken-up by the Campus for Transition!
    With Thomas Rochefort, general manager of a real estate management company, member of the Campus, coordinator of the Workshop “Building and Energy”.

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