The Colibris’ Movement at Forges

Some thoughts from the Colibris’ Movement


The negative consequences of individualism remind us that being human is first and foremost a being of relationship. Consequently, a sense of belonging to a community is necessary for its development. However, it is worth asking ourselves what is a community in the 21st century? And how can it help us to face environmental and social challenges in the years to come?

As part of the Oasis project, the Colibris’ movement explores the notion of  “work-together” and reconstruction of the notion of community. Unlike our classical  understanding of commnity, the Colibris’ movement proposed no longer seeing community as the transgression of our   individual freedom but as a source of  wealth.  Through this new understanding of community, we can, together, to magine new places of life and resources that would be, on their scale, the model of the more ecological and civic society that we have to build.

To learn more about Oasis project, see the  the website of  Les Colibris



Our Liason with the Colibris’ Movement

The Campus de la Transition is part of the Oasis network of Colibris. This network brings together more than 700 pupils across  France, who are experimenting with new ways of living together. This new ways of the community include participatory habitats, small agricultural productions (which are integrated into the habitat), permaculture, and many others.

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